Stag tourism becomes more and more popular in Europe. It is exciting and funny way to spend your stag night in some far away place, with the closest friends, doing whatever you wish. If you are looking for a proper destination for this exceptional night in your life and extend it for weekend or more, in this article you can get some information about the attractions provided by tour operators for unforgettable stag nights in Krakow. Enjoy…

Polish agencies take care of their guests so have arranged even the most original attractions for stags. For instance, so called “party bus” – awaited and wanted by the stags unique vehicle – only in Poland. When you come to Poland and wish to spend the stag night in Krakow, you can easily hire it for your airport pick. The city cruise takes usually 90 minutes so there is enough time to enjoy all the attractions on board the bus e.g: sub lit remote controlled ceiling, bars, karaoke, gaming consoles, music, the dancing pole… and the crucial guest – gorgeous dancer!

Balsamic Babes Combat
Perhaps the ultimate stag spectator sport, Balsamic Babes Combat is a betting man favourite. nubile ladies step into the ring and fight it out wearing nothing but bikinis and a lot of baby oil, jelly or pudding! The final round is usually topless and one of the spectators (highly recommended for the stag!) joins in and has a go at getting them naked, watched and cheered on by his mates. There is no doubt about the final result, however, the bachelor is finally naked as the day he was born.

Nice toys for big boys – guns… Thanks to tour operators that ensure unique entertainment during stag weekend in Krakow, you can enjoy paintball or Kalashnikov shooting. And another option – airsoft shooting – it is a bit like paintball but feels more real. You get the use of exact replicas of AK47, M-16, G-36 and others. You all are divided into teams that shoot the living crap out of each other with plastic balls that sting when they hit the spot! The battleground is often arranged in some exciting, original scenery that allows also trench fighting and urban warfare on one site.

To make it feel even more realistic and enhance the emotions each of you gets in example a hand smoke grenade so your combat felt almost like in the real battlefield… Some abandoned factory or ruins of the castle, usually equipped with audio system which plays battlefield sounds from “Black Hawk Down” during your game… You like it?